Bennett, formerly E. Bennett, is a Pop/R&B artist/producer. Raised in New York City, Bennett's passion for music started as young as 2 years old. Growing up in the chaos of the city, music helped raise him. With diversity around every corner, he soon fell in love with all genres of music. Early on, he gained inspiration from singers like Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson, and the artists out today like Chris Brown, The Weeknd, and Drake. “Growing up transgender was not easy and what made it easier was having music with emotional and heartfelt lyrics to be able to express what I could not.”

In 2012, Bennett got his start as an entertainer when he was signed to Look A Likes USA as a Justin Bieber impersonator. He traveled all over the country performing Justin’s songs and dances in baseball stadiums and special events, all of which he sang live and carefully learned the dances to go with the songs. After his contract was up, he decided he was going to become his own artist and start making his own music.

Having gone through many trials and tribulations, years of dedication, and not giving up, he soon found his way to making music his life. He has gone on to work with artists like Bizarre from D12 and YRU VEXeD; producers like Eldar-Q and Legion Beats. Bennett is currently working on his next round of music with his new EP "Love Letters Part II" out now. He looks forward to the next chapter in his music career as he continues to grow and mature as an artist.


Upcoming Events

  • Bennett Live! Digital News Music Festival
    Apr 18, 12:06 PM EDT
    Sessions Live!
  • Bennett Live!
    Fri, Dec 03
    Sessions Live!
    Dec 03, 2021, 8:00 PM EST
    Sessions Live!
    In honor of my new single, Lightning the Remix feat. my good friend Quick, I will be doing a special show for you all. Make sure you come join me on Sessions Live! Friday December 3rd! Can't wait to see you all there!





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Bennett's Music Videos

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Lightning (Official Music Video)

Being Bennett - The Docu-Series - Coming March 2nd

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